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Between an unapologetically cheesy name and a list of pies ranging from the slightly gourmet to the downright indulgent, Piefection is a pie shop for our times. The logo itself, Greek-letter-turned-number pi, is a visual dad joke – if your dad teaches maths or is a fan of The Simpsons, that is. Considering HITW’s love […]

One of the latest escalations in Brisbane’s never ending burger free-for-all came about a month before Christmas. This was when Gold Coast favourite Ze Pickle opened in Fortitude Valley. Ze Pickle is known for offering hilariously over the top meals, several of which aren’t so much burgers as childlike combinations of indulgent foods with a […]

As Brisbane sinks deeper into its sweet, sticky summer, the afternoons become longer and lazier. It is the time of year that the holiday gatherings surge and you can often be found lying under a fan naked, wishing you were tanning on a greek island. So what better time than now to get amongst Brisbane’s […]

For too long, great power has been concentrated in the hands of Brisbane restaurants and cafes. They’ve had easy access to something the rest of us could only dream of. Whenever a chef needs to bump their dessert up a notch with some custom ice cream – caramelised pineapple flavour, for example – they turn to […]

Recently opened in August down on Stanley St East, The Smug Fig has everything to be smug about. Owners Troy, Arron and Nick took their hospitality experience, a whole lot of Chutzpah and turned a shipping container and an old garage into the ideal summer cafe. The result is a large, sunlit space abundant in […]

Obsession, love, passion, shared memories, sweet serenades, business ventures, the highest highs and the lowest lows. These might sound like the characteristics of a relationship between two people, but guess again, sugar. What I’ve just described is the journey of romance between one woman and her chocolate.

It’s after 10pm and you suddenly realise you’re in need of food – where do you go? For so long, the answer in Brisbane has been home or McDonald’s, with the possibility of The Pancake Manor as a wild card option. At last, late-night bar-eateries like Bao Down Now have arrived to assure us that […]

I’m lazy. It’s no secret. As I type this, I’m sitting on the couch eating cupcakes and watching House on Netflix. But just because I’ve become complacent with my laziness and have managed to quash my inner narrative telling me I should make the most of the winter sun outside, doesn’t mean I am willing […]