2-for-1 burgers is the kind of deal that I never even need to think about. Not even for a second. I’m in 100%. Which is why when I heard of a tiny place down the road from me that specialises in 2-for-1 burger deals I got my skates on. Remy’s is a small open air […]

It’s no surprise that the Hole in the Wall team are fans of Vietnamese food. It’s light, fresh and easy (just like a perfect date) and whether it’s done simply or extravagantly, it’s always great. Enter new kid on the block, Aunty Oh’s, my new favourite Vietnamese restaurant that you don’t have to drive to […]

Between an unapologetically cheesy name and a list of pies ranging from the slightly gourmet to the downright indulgent, Piefection is a pie shop for our times. The logo itself, Greek-letter-turned-number pi, is a visual dad joke – if your dad teaches maths or is a fan of The Simpsons, that is. Considering HITW’s love […]

Project 41

Project 41 opened in Bowen Hills recently. Which made me think of something like this: You know, secret agents with upturned collars and furrowed brows muttering into their wire “We have a positive on Project 41. I repeat: Project 41“. Before you too disappear into imagination-land I’ll spoil the fun: It turns out that Project 41 […]

Dalgety Pub Brisbane

Perched on the corner of Florence and Macquarie St is Teneriffe’s new local, the Dalgety Public House. Fusing a contemporary, refreshing interior with classic, tasty pub food, this is a restaurant and bar where you want the staff to know your name and can expect this to happen. With natural light streaming through the large […]